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Link to specific area on a different page?

I understand the in-page linking with ids and linking to other pages. Is there a way to use the built in linking methods to link a specific area of another page. Footer link to a specific section in the center of a page.

Yes, absolutely it is!

Add a link object (button, text link, etc) and in the Link Settings you klick the icon for External Website URL (the icon with a chain) and then you write the specific page you wan to link to followed by a “#” and the id of the section you want to target.

Example: /index.html#Work

index.html is the “Home”-page, #Work is the section on that page I want to target.


Well, of course! I was ready to use the code block and drop everything in manually. Clearly I was overthinking this.


@StevenP So this was easy to complete and works well on desktop. Does this not work on mobile?

Yes it works on mobile, at least it does on my iPhone 5S!

Wierd. It’s going to the page but not sliding down on my ipad. Hmmm.

It won’t slide, but it will load directly at the section that is being targeted.

On the “Free Cleaning” link is setup correctly but doesn’t work properly. I’ve used the link to id method before on other sites and it scrolls on iPad but this doesn’t.

@StevenP What browser are you using on mobile? Just realized that the link works in Chrome and Firefox but not Safari (even on desktop).

@jdesign I have just tested the Free Cleaning link on in Safari 8 on desktop and it works as expected.

The lastest IOS 8 with Safari. Works without any hassle at all.

I appreciate both of you checking. Yes indeed it is now working I resolved it earlier today but had to run without getting a chance to update this thread. Turns out the link was showing in the live site with the # but in the WF editor with a /…I think something snagged in a save or publish. Anyway, all it took was deleting the link and repasting!

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