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"Link to section" is linking to wrong section?

This problem is occurring ever since yesterday. Worked perfectly before. Maybe I messed something up? But suddenly it appears on 2 of my websites.

Is it possible that it’s something to do with 100% height of some sections? (like top slider section)? Still strange, because it worked before!

Can somebody take a look? Thanks!

I discovered that it’s most probably a “modal” i created which is giving an error.
I created a modal by following this tutorial:

The modal-button is in the “Wat leer ik?” block. (above contact form).

After removing the full “modal” section, all links work again. Hmm… probably i do something wrong…

Can you tell me which links are linking to the wrong sections?


This website:

Top button “Rowan” should link to section with title “Rowan”. Top button “Keelzang” should link to section with title “Keelzang”. Top button “Workshops” should link to section with centered title “Workshop Keelzang”. and so on… actually all links to sections aren’t working.

When I remove the complete modal-section, it works again?

I moved the modal to the be the last section of the page and that seemed to work. Try that and see if the modal works.

I did a quick try… Seems to have fixed the link-to-section problem. I just moved the complete modal section below the footer (bottom) section. Thanks. I’ll work on it again :smile:

hey Sergie,

I’m having the same problem…

Here is my link:

  • The first link is linking with itself (1st section), that’s good
  • The second link is linking with the first section, when it should be linking the second section
  • The third link links with the second section
  • And the forth link is linking with the third section

Hope you can help,