Link to other hosted files

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question.

So I have this client - I rebuilt their site in Webflow. But they had these education modules that they didn’t want to touch or change on their old site. They were originally built in a program called SoftChalk, but the original person that created them (in like 2006) is no longer working for my client so we can’t access their account to just get an embeddable version. I have all the files because they are hosted on Godaddy still (until Nov 2019), but since I redirected the domain to Webflow, my links to the modules obviously don’t work anymore. So my question is - is it possible to have a text link pointed to files that are hosted elsewhere but under the same domain? I’m assuming no because that’d require pointing to two locations. Any suggestions on how to handle this problem? They wanted to hurry and get the rest of the site published so unfortunately, I don’t have the old site to show you, but the new one is:

I hope that makes sense. The education modules were terribly designed - comic sans and broken image links galore! But they were insistent on not touching them yet.

Your observation is correct. There’s no way to get the same domain pointed to two different places at the same time - so in this case it seems that you can’t reuse the domain as you’ll lose access to the files (as you don’t want or unable to download it and host them elsewhere).

What you can probably do is host the new website under a separate sub-domain, that points to files on the current domain.