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Link to item in dynamic list on different page


I am in the process of designing the services page for this site I would like to link from a specific services icon on the home page to the equivalent icon on the services page. I have seen on the forum how to link to a section on a different page i.e However, if I give an icon an ID in a dynamic list it applies to all the icons. This means I can’t link to a specific area of the page.

Is there a way to do this without coding (as I have no idea about code)? Or if it does require code, please could I have an example of what it should be?

Any help much appreciated!



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Hi, @sparky

In your situation, I don’t see the reason for using dynamic collections at all :confused:

But if you still need it, you will have to use 9 separate collections on the “services” page. I mean it will be all same collection, duplicated 9 times and filtered by service name. In this way, you will be able to set the unique ID to each service.


Thanks for the response Anna. Ideally I wouldn’t use a dynamic collection but is there a way to do this which will still allow the client to update the content themselves?

Hello, @sparky

Yes! All content is editable by default. You can see that on the settings tab for each element


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Wow! I somehow completely missed that incredibly important point despite watching every cms vid tutorial. It was worth having this issue just so I could learn this.

You have saved me mountains of time in the future. Thank you Anna!

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You are welcome. Glad we found the way to make your work easier :smiley:

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