Link to index.html hosted on dropbox

hosted on dropbox: an html export package generated by prototyping tool can´t seem to embed this properly into webflow. there´s a few references to html embedding here at webflow community but none describing this in a simple way. what code snippet do I use to embed an index.html file (referenced by other files) hosted on dropbox?
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Hi @andersmar, thanks for the post.

If you can update your post with some more information, with things like your read-only link, screenshots of the elements in question in your page design and what the purpose and content of the index.html is, will really help to get a solution faster :smile:

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If you can view your “html export package” that is “hosted on dropbox” via your web browser as expected (clicking through your prototype, etc.), and you want that to show up somewhere within your Webflow design/site, then just use the working Dropbox URL in an IFRAME via the Embed widget:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

You can learn more about IFRAMEs here.

If you want further hand-holding, you will have to provide your read-only link, as @cyberdave mentioned.

hi, big thanks for helping out,
i´ve seen examples of prototypes hosted on dropbox and embedded within sites before - but I can´t seem to make the link correctly. this may be more a matter of providing access to the dropbox content - I´m new to dropbox in general and thought I´d check with the web flow community before turning to dropbox support. maybe people generally stay away from web flow/dropbox integration…

link to dropbox file:

screenshot of file structure exported from proto and placed on dropbox:


Hi @andersmar, try to change your link to the html file as so:

If you put “dl” instead of “www” at the beginning of the link, it should work better. When you use the www version of the link, it results in the download page, not the file itself:


thanks dave,
tried this (code inserted to web flow attached below), no luck though, seems you need to provide some type of access with dropbox? (screenshot of page result below)


Hi @andersmar, thanks for the update. That 403 error is coming from Dropbox, not Webflow. Maybe trying another host will work.

that did it - works fine when hosted on another server.
strange thing though, I know for a fact people host files on dropbox and link from webflow…
thanks again dave for being this responsive.

Hi @andersmar, thanks for the update :slight_smile: Glad to hear that the issue is resolved. Yep, I am sure there is several ways to do it and I know many people with links to files on dropbox :wink:

I am not sure on this one, probably permissions related

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