Link to Collection page help please

Hi I am creating a site that uses a collection template.

The site is for an event therefore there will be event 01, event 02 etc, in which i have a link on the home page to go to page ie

However when I try to choose a page to there was no option to choose the question session 01 post.

I then look on the forum and there was a suggestion to add a static page the add a dynamic list. I have done this however the content from question session 01 does not link to the page therefore it is empty.

Any help would be appreciated.



Here is my public share link:

From any dynamic list linked to your events collection, you’re able to set a link to “Current event”, ie a link to the event that the item of the list you click in represents.

Now, it’s just matter of sorting the list correctly to link to the desired event. if you want a link to the first event, make a list with only 1 item (limit) and sort the list from older, hence the first and unique item of the list representing the event01. Now any link or link block inside the item will do what you need.

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