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Link to a section on another page HELP!

I am trying to link part of my navbar (“newsletter”) to a section on another page. I just want to make sure I’m typing in the URL correctly.

I set an element ID called “newsletter” to go to the newsletter portion of my home page. Then I selected “external link” and typed in

Does this look correct because when I try it in preview mode it opens a new tab and says “page not found”

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @summerslough,

In the preview, it may indeed be that the page is opened externally.

As for your anchor link, attach it to a ‘page section’ therein you will also see that the ID ‘newsletter’ is displayed.

On the other hand, the url should not be



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How do I attach it to a page section? I thought I did that already?

A ‘Page Section’ link would make sense for links contained within the same page.
A ‘URL’ link works for content section on other pages. Since your navbar symbol is used on multiple pages the ‘URL’ link is the correct choice.
You can use either the full location or just a pathname (i.e. if the link needs to work on multiple domains).
So /#newsletter would set the link to your home page newsletter section as would <>/#newsletter.

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Sigh! Thank youuuu :slightly_smiling_face: