Link to a Collection Page from a Footer Component

I have a Footer Component, and I want to link to a Collection page.

When I try to add a Collection List to the CMS/Collection pages so that they may appear as a link I get a couple of errors.

Read-Only Link: Webflow - HBHS Boys Soccer

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Hey @taps, you’ll need to remove the footer component from the Password and/or 404 pages in order to be able to use a collection list within the footer component. You can find the Password and 404 pages in the left sidebar under Utility Pages when in the Pages view.

I’d recommend creating a simple footer component for use on the Password and 404 pages.

thanks !

Yet, I still can’t link to the COllection page and the Webflow 101 doesnt quite show my detail.

I have 3 Team Categories Varsity, JV…), and I want to link to their “Roster” Collection Page.

Same Issue, Another example:
I have a Standings Page, which shows the scores.
how do I link to this page from the [Homepage](

In your first example, there’s no reference field to Rosters on the Team Types collection, so that’s why linking to the Rosters template pages isn’t an option within the Collection List that’s connected to the Team Types collection.

It sounds like you want to add a Rosters Collection List to the Team Types template and filter by the current Team Type – then you would link the Team Types list on the home page to Team Types collection template which shows the Roster. Does that make sense?

Ahhh I See!..
That worked - except I’m noticing that once the Button’s URL is Connected to that Collection, the Button’s alignment changes…(switching it back/removing the URL switches the alignment back to normal)

Check it out: