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Link thumbnail to a larger JPG image

Alright, this seems like such a basic missing function… I have a bunch of smaller images that I’d like to simply LINK to their larger versions. Just a basic link, not a lightbox or other widget. Just click the image, and open the larger JPG in a new tab. Sort of like the “link to a page” feature, but just the image.

Why is this so hard to do in Webflow? I know I can just manually enter the http://… URL as the link, but the problem is that I don’t know the actual URL of that image until the site has been published. And my image file name even changes after that, adding a bunch of numbers to the JPG file name…

Thoughts?? Can this be done in a script somehow?

THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

Why not use the lightbox component? It will make the image load in it’s own modal in a larger size. I am not sure there is another way to do this since it isn’t really best practices since it will either open up a new tab or take you to a tab which destroys the user experience of the way a website should work. I personally hate when images open in new windows because it takes me away from the page.

There is another thread that deals with this Zoom in on image by opening in new window

If you are using the CMS, you can probably use the dynamic embed to create a link that will grab the image name from a collection and put it into a link automatically.

Thanks for the response. I’m linking thumbnails to full versions of newspaper articles… The reason the lightbox doesn’t work for me is that I need the user to be able to see it fully, then zoom in easily so they can actually read it (instead of forcing the image to fit the lightbox/browser window).

I’ll take a look at the link you sent; that solution may work, although I was hoping this could be done without needing special scripts or external products (like, having this “break” when Webflow or Sirv decides to update stuff?).

But thanks a bunch, I’ll dig deeper…

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