Link the changing of a Slider/Carousel image with another element?

Hello, firstly, thank you for all of your help so far. The support of this community is truly helping my dream become a reality!

So, I’m trying to animate a visual search tool. It’s a TV set and the idea is that you can change the channel and search by whatever channel you’re on.

To start: when someone hovers the television image, the right side image (white and black flecks) animates to static. So far, that works, but I still need to tweak it to look better.

But, the problem is that the “channel” images are put into a slider/carousel element and since the TV image is on top, it’s not possible to hit the arrows to change the image, so I have “fast forward” and “rewind” images that show when you hover either side of the TV.

Is it possible to set those images (ff and rewind) to change the images of the slider/carousel below? So far they show up when you hover, but I’m not sure how to add the linking, if possible.

There will ultimately be 20 images (channels) when it’s finished.

Any insight on this? I’ve posted the project below. It seems you need to toggle out of preview mode and then go back into preview mode again to see the animation.

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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