Link Text Not Working Inside Swiper/Slider Wrapper?

Hi All,

New to this forum, and I’m having too much trouble with why my link-texts are not allowing users to click on them on the live website. I have tried everything in my power from Link Blocks, Div Blocks, Link Texts, Component Properties, Videos, and much more but nothing is working.

The goal is for users to click the “VISIT” text at the top of each slide which would re-direct them to the restaurants website for further information. It works when placed outside of the sliders, but will not work whatsoever once inside. PLEASE HELP!!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Read-Only Site: Webflow - Things To Do In Des Moines Landing Page

Real Site:

Hi Catic,

You’re using swiper.js from the looks of it, so you’d be better off posting in their forums. Your slider has a number of issues as well, pushing the Visit button off-screen at many screen widths.

But the specific problem you’ve asked about here seems to be the way you’ve arranged your elements. Your navigation container overlays your links, so they’re not clickable.

The swiper.js community should be about to help you figure out a design that works for what you’re trying to do.