Link Text Not Working Inside Swiper/Slider Wrapper (swiper.js)

Hi All,

I was re-directed from the general design forum to over here. I am having troubles getting a text-link (VISIT) to be clickable on each slider. This would essentially re-direct users to the restaurants website for more information.

I’m not entirely sure what the fix could be. The text-link will work outside of the containers but not inside. Someone pointed out that my navigation container overlays my links which makes them unclickable. I was hoping that there could be a fix around this without having to use another design.

I do know that my VISIT button is off-screen in the preview, but that has been my way of making it appear at the top of each slider without messing anything else up. PLEASE HELP!!

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Read-Only Site: Webflow - Things To Do In Des Moines Landing Page

Real Site:

Again, you’re asking for support on a non-Webflow product in a Webflow forum. That’s like calling you real estate broker to ask about your TV. Yeah it’s in the house they sold you… but you put it there. You’ll have much better luck calling Samsung instead.

Also your VISIT button problem isn’t a design time problem. Go view your published site, and drag the browser narrower and wider, and watch your button disappear off-screen.

Fixing the unclickable-link problem still leaves you with the button inaccessible off-screen for many users. Point is, your slider needs some real rework to be properly usable.

If you’re really wanting to band-aid it and not fix those fundamental issues, you might be able to use custom CSS with pointer-events to click-through the navigation container that’s obstructing you;

I also want to add that putting “urgent” in your headlines will mostly just get you ignored. It’s simply rude to claim that your problems are more important than everyone else’s.

Thank you for the help, sir. My intentions have not been to make my problems more of a priority than others; it’s just a simple subject title for a quick solution.

As for posting in the wrong forums, I’m frankly new to the entire web designing process and Webflow is the product we use. I figured posting in the code forum or general forum for the product we use would be sufficient, but unfortunately it is not. Instead, I have received impolite analogies surrounding a template that WebFlow offered.

I appreciate the advise nonetheless!