Link Text elements won't get space among themselves

Hi There, I am having a problem with the a part of my footer where I have some text links to social media Facebook, Instagram, etc… I have placed them inside a div as I thought that would be easier to control them, but there is no space between the link texts. Any ideas how I can get that sorted?


Give them a class with display:block and margin and padding as needed. You could alternately use a link block and place text within in it. Or make a custom button for each. Lots of ways to control an elements layout. You get to drive in webflow.

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Thanks for the help, but when I add them to a class and have them display block they all display as a block :slight_smile: . What I would like to do is to have them in line, but with more space between the words, so more spread to the sides. Sorry, I was probably not clear enough.

This is using flex and the links are set to block only. The links div is set to a width.