Link Redundancy

I am using a quiz site that has similar links for each quiz I create. I’m trying to add a new link to a new blog post, but Webflow keeps going back to the link I used for a previous quiz associated with a prior blog post. I’ve checked the new link in a browser by itself and it goes to the correct quiz, so not sure what to do. (The original Blog Quiz was posted on 5/15 and has 10 questions, the new one has 15 questions if that helps.)

Here is my public share link:

@Tarahjc it looks like you’re using an HTML embed to set these quizes up. The way to do this is to add a ‘link’ field to your collection and then to use a dynamic field inside your HTML code that pulls in the link. This is an example using soundcloud but the principal is the same.

and more general info about the dynamic embed

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