Link opens in new tab (but its set to "this tab")

Hi, I want to link to specific CMS sites from my main dropdown menu. I used the slugs from the collection and the link works in general. But it always opens in a new tab, of course I’d like to open the page in the same tab - its definitely set to “this tab” (check the “senioren” dropdown links in case you want to see for yourself). Why is that? How can I prevent that and open it in the same tab?

thank you for your help, a.

Hi @alx,

This only occurs in the Designer preview right? I think it’s designed that way so you don’t get taken out of the Designer while you’re working on your site.

On the live site when I select the links in the ‘Senioren’ dropdown it opens in the same tab.

One thing I noticed on your homepage is that you’ve got some code sitting up the top of your page:

This is due to the custom code withing Home > Page Settings > Custom Code:

If you wrap this in style tags it should fix the issue:

<style> {display: block;}

Hope this helps!

thank you so much, I will try this!

oh, and ist this the best way to link to a CMS page (via external link and a full URL
I wonder if there’s a more elegant way through the “page” dropdown, so it feels more integrated with all the CMS parameters? best, a.

Hi @alx,

Sorry for the delay on this one - you can do this using a Collection List and link to the Current Page, I’ve recorded a demo on how to do this here: CleanShot 2022-09-05 at 13.25.28 · CleanShot Cloud

Hope this helps!