Link not working

I just recently published my website and its e-commerce. When I click the About page it would take me to another page which is the Sustainability page. I already edited the navigation link on the website like the Page and the Type when you click on that Nav Bar. I am going crazy since I have been editing it for a day now and it still won’t work

Hi Mikka_Mae,

I suggest checking your re-direct and see if it is redirecting to the Sustainability page.

You can find that in your Webflow project settings, hosting - then go to the middle of the page. (301 redirects)


Still the same I already checked the re-direct.

What is your read-only link?

here it it

Thank you.

I checked the link on your site (the live site) from your home page and it is working for me.

Does it work for you if you try it in a different browser? Or if you clear your browsing data?

Ohh it’s working now. But how come when I share my website link to others it will show like this?
Screenshot 2022-04-26 211231


That information is coming from your open graph settings. Click on the home page settings and then scroll down to Open Graph Settings.

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Thank you so much!!! :kissing_heart:

You’re welcome. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

Already changed it but still the same result when I send the link


Did you make sure to publish the site after making those changes?

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Yes I did publish it

Great Question, I was about to say the same recently I have post on my ecommerce website the link of post in not working. I have tried to fox issue but could not do this. Still need help anyone from the team can look into this.
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I am also facing an issue regarding my site I have added another page and published it two days ago but still, it is not appearing in the site menu bar. What type of this issue? Please guide me about this error I am worried about it.