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Link inside a link

Hello! I want to put a link inside a link. I want this card to be fully clickable and the tiny link at the right use another one.

How can I achieve this? Thanks!

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Hi @Juan_Jesus_Millo this is not natively allowed in HTML as you can’t have interactive content in a tag (link anchor) but there are some hacks around this rule. Be aware that every hack come with some kind of cost that can be related to accessibility, website performance etc. and may not be compatible (accepted) with all browsers. Here is an article (2017) from Web UI experrt.

but feel free to find any other article on internet

For me the simplest solution is to use a wrapper in relative position inside this wrapper there is

  • the first link with all the clickable card.
  • and there is also an element in absolute position which contains the secondary link. This is the element placed at the bottom left which is given a Z index greater than that of the card.

This way we can place the secondary link on the map visually. So visually there will be a link in another, but theoretically the two links will be in different hierarchies.

The honor of the html is safe.

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