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Link in section does not go far enough

heres a link to check out,
im using the link in section feature
for example if you click design it does not jump into the design section still in research, while if you click it a second time it works properly? im really confused, i tested out different ways to link, linking different elements and they all seem to fail. The only reason i can maybe think of is because the text are cms based.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

read only link :

I did test on my iPad and it works fine

Thanks for replying, i would need it to be viewed on a computer if you have time and could take a look i would really appreciate it! i can show you a video of how it doesnt work properly if that helps.

Its the same on my computer using Crome. Works fine. let me know how to break it :grinning: