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Link hover effect does not work after interaction

Hey Guys,

I’m new to the Forum.
I do have a nav bar with a hover effect over my links. Do I hover over the link, it moves up for some pixels.
Worked perfect.

I tried to add a interaction like “staggered load trigger
The interaction works and looks good.

But the hover effect for the links doesn’t work anymore.
In edit mode, the hover effect does work. But if I go to preview, the interaction after loading is shown but then no hover effect.

Is there anything I could do about this?
Here you see the site I’m talking about:

I hope you’ll understand what I’m trying to say :smile:

Many thanks for your help!

Hi, I looked at your site, and from what I can see, for example on the “Blog” link, the actual class is “link” and on that class, there is no hover styling in effect, it is currently set to none. If you want the hover effect, you will need to add that hover style. Click States --> Hover.

Let me know if that helps you. I was able to get it working with some test styling on the hover effect.

Cheers, Dave

Hi Cyberdave,

Sorry for long time till my response…
Until now I didn’t have time to try it again… I’ll come back to you as soon as I could test it.

Many thanks!