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Link from Product back to section on Home page not working

Trying to have a link from the Product page back to a particular section of the Home page (same site).
I’m doing this with the a page in your current site: /page#section-ID method.
It doesn’t go anywhere and I can’t figure out how to make it work. The ID is set correctly, the same link works within the Home page, but not from the Product page. Tried text-link vs Div, tried to un-publish and re-publish, tried to replace the link entirely… nothing happens.

I’m stuck. Help appreciated. Thank you!


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - OIC_Wireframes_061321

Hi @Rapha there is an article on Webflow University that will explain how to If you are not aware that WU exist feel free to visit this site as it is great resource of basic informations how to work with this platform.

Thanks again, Stan!
I did go through the WU before I even did this. And I did exactly what they’re suggesting, with the ID and the /home#section – it doesn’t work. For some reason none of the anchor links from the Product page back to the home page work.

hi @Rapha as Home page is basic/root page where URL to your page ends (first to load) there is no page called home in your URL so this mean when you link to homepage you don’t use /home#sectionId but only /#sectionId where forward slash is the route to your main URL like where sits your “homepage”.

Thanks, man!

Yup. Me too, I thought /#gallery should work, and I tried this earlier. Because that didn’t work I then changed it to /home#gallery. But both didn’t work.
The only thing that has worked for me just now is: doing it without home/ as suggested, but calling the whole URL in front of it, as in: OIC_Wireframes (when on the published site).

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