Link from page to slider tab - slide shows half way

We have build a page to link to a different page. Only with the linking we see the slide doesn’t show right.

Thank you already for trying to help this problem!

example url of colors you can select:

example url of selected color : De kleuren van Pure bij Flexa Colorlab®

Code we have implemented:

Here is my site Read-Only:
[2]: Webflow - 2022- flexa Pure

Hi Esther,

Happy to help, but can you expand on exactly what you expect to see as I can’t see the issue.


Hi @Tomhirst,

Thank you, so the issue is that when you select a color the slider show. In webflow it shows the full slide left color with right image 100% and on the live version you see the slide isn’t showing correctly. It shows a part of the other color. And i don’t know how to adjust this issue.