Link from a page to a specific slide with an ID in a slider in another page

I would need help with some code to setup a link to a specific slide that it’s in other page.

I don’t know how can I solve this.

I’m trying to make, for example, when clicking in the Bruce Sprinting Thumb grid image… To go to the specific slide number 2, and so on with the rest of them…

This old post may help you:

Thanks @PixelGeek for your prompt response… Wow! I’ll try to replicate that, but it looks a bit hard… Are you planing on having this feature within webflow to do it without dealing with the code?


Vote for it here

If you do not want to deal with code, you can always contact me here.

Hi @bartekkustra and @PixelGeek I am trying but I’m doing something wrong… I don’t know how to link to that specify slide with the code… I tried this but is not working, some help please?

Voted! This wishlist idea needs more visibility :slight_smile:

I have placed inside the same page the slider instead of going to a different one to see if that solve the problem, and I’m playing with the interactions but I can’t make it work… The link or the interactions don’t even applied.

Have you found the solution to this?

I am having the same problem. Somehow the navigation dots don’t recognise the trigger(‘tap’).

I tried to see if I am ‘catching’ them the right way by addClass(‘w-active’), and the classes are added to the specific nav dot, but the trigger cannot be applied.

Any ideas @PixelGeek @bartekkustra ?

Thanks, much appreciated.

Here is my read-only link to my project: