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Link Export trouble!

Hi to everyone!

I export all the pages to my own domain, but does not work!

Except the home page, the rest of links does not work

and the url:

Please Help, I’m down.

Thanks so much

Hi there @PedroJ, I took a look at your site, and the urls are working correct in the browser, but the page is not found on your site. Could you please re-upload your files via FTP or your online File Manager provided by your hosting company?

Of course, you can always host your site with Webflow :), and to do that, you would need to follow our custom domain setup instructions at:

I would re-upload all your files, sometimes if there is a file disconnection, not all files get transferred correctly…

I hope that helps,
Cheers, Dave

:disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: Follow your ad but still does not work

I copies all the files of my webflow website in the strato domain server, directly in the root folder along with other folders used to wordpress blog,

can influence not work all the pages?

Need public_html folder?

Thanks a lot!!