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Link element preventing Space Between in Flex Box

In the Mobile-Portrait version of my site on the home page, i’ve got a secondary navigation that appears when you scroll down… for some reason, when I added in Link Boxes to the header elements, it messed up the flex box. Everything gets shifted to the left.

The Link boxes that parent the Header elements aren’t upsized or anything, they’re locked to auto so that they adjust to the size of the text inside so I’m really not sure what the problem is.

Yet when I take them out they work as they should (I just can’t put them in link boxes???)

I need to be able to do this.

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m trying super hard to understand exactly what you’re wanting to do! Anyway you might be able to make a video with Loom or something so I can see what you’re doing exactly and what the end goal is?

I am positive I can help you… just need to be more clear because I am not fully understanding lines like this “The Link boxes that parent the Header elements aren’t upsized or anything”. Let me know so I can help you out!


Oof, okay… sorry whenever I try and explain anything to anyone, it just comes out like word salad!

So, originally I had a line of Header elements, these work as a nav bar.

I had them all inside of a DIV block that acts as a Navbar container of sorts, I set this div block to Flex Horizontally with Space Between.

This work absolutely fine until I placed the Header Elements within Link blocks… no idea why!

I have come up with a solution that I should have thought to use before… just use the Text Link element instead which seems to be working so far.

But thank you for your reply @Noah-R, much appreciated!

Mod-Edit: I marked your last post as the solution to your problem. I also changed the topic from Bugs (layout issues are not) to Design Help -> layout.

Glad you resolved your issue.

I was able to add link blocks without any problems. I recorded myself playing around with the project and trying things out. At the end you can see it got much more simplified lol. I think that’s maybe what you were trying to do. At least you can see how I would set something like this up. :slight_smile:

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