Link Click - Run Interaction - Then Shift Page

Is there a way to have a link-click run an interaction… then shift the page to a new section.


Page has 2 Sections (Section-1, and Section-2)

Section-1 - has a link.

Click on the link - and an interaction is setup to “fade the text / link” - and also perform a time delay of 2000ms. When the transition expires… shift the page to Section-2.

I’d answer just “no” but I have to type a minimum of 30 characters ◕‿◕

Sorry, I looked to do this recently and a link is a link and has to be clicked in Webflow, and there’s no way to delay it. JS required.

lol. that 30 char thing can be a bit*&$ can’t it.

I’ve encountered that several times.

Might follow your rec and try to do it in jquery.

If you’re into animated elements + action (link), and can handle a bit of JS, there’s Adobe Edge Animate to consider. It’s a tremendous software, it works very well and will integrate well with Webflow. Like Webflow, Animate gives more power to designers. I’ve done many things in Animate without a single line of code. User base is growing fast so help and resources are more and more available. Animate + Webflow is a very powerful match IMHO.

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cool - thx. I will definately look into that. :slight_smile:

Any good resources out there you’d recommend for integrating Adobe edge w/ webflow?

Hi Daniel.

Ok, don’t do it :smile:

Adobe very recently killed the whole Edge line. Including Animate.

They now focus on the Flash Pro line, which they now call… Animate.

So we’re all back to flash, I guess.