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Link button not redirecting properly to other website

I’d really appreciate some help around this, I am so close to being completed with this site. However for some reason the link on my Donate button is not redirecting to Eventbrite properly.

Here is a link to my site:

I am using

Here are some screen shots.

Hi @Sara

You have a # in front of your link. Remove that and it should work.

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I LOVE YOU!! Haha, it would have taken me forever to figure that out for myself!!! Wow. Thank you!

Maybe you could help with my final issue of getting this published to - I created another thread called “Publishing Website to Custom Domain not working”


have your read through this article?

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I did and it makes no sense to me yet. First time I’ve ever attempted to publish a site - any major pointers I should take into account while walking through this?

Am I naive to think that I could just change the name of the to say

Do I have to host this website on another hosting service like Blue Host??

I figured it out, one can either have which works but if you want to add more style to it (not have it say webflow) you have your own Domain.


Yes this is how custom domains work. You have 2 choices, you can either purchase a custom domain/hosting through webflow if you have a free webflow account and it will allow you to choose your domain. You will need to buy your domain separately though and point the servers to webflow. The other, probably easier way, is if you have a paid webflow account with export, export the site and sign up for bluehost. Then you can just upload your site once you set it up with your domain name. Anytime you want to make changes you will have to export again and re-upload. Feel free to PM me if you need help with bluehost.

If you are new to webflow please watch all the tutorial videos at

Good luck!

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I am starting to get it! Thank you for your assistance, I will figure this out sometime later today


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