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Link block with javascript link

Hi everyone, I’m trying to use javascript:loadcontent('content'); on a link block so I can perfom a loadcontent action inside a div, I’m copying from this example:
but anytime I try to paste/type it automatically adds the http:// before the javascript, am I doing something wrong?

You need a backtick. Read

Thank you so much! :smiley:

Now I’m facing this issue, when I click it, it goes to a new tab, checked and it doesn’t have the open in new tab is off.

I guess it was because the site wasn’t published? everything works now, thanks.

The backtick trick is not working when the link is a rich text child.
I need to add a opt-out link for Google Analytics, as it is described here:

And the link is inside a rich text.
What can i do?