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Link block with image

Hello Guys!

When i put the link block with them an image inside, i usually get an error when design responsible for others screen sizes. Normally the link block stay in the same size, affecting the align of the images downsized.

This is a bug? or its my browser in an old mac?

Thanks a lot for the constant improvement of the webflow! You rock!

Hey @felps85 I’m not understanding your question. The link block should not affect the size of the image. Can you give me an example or subdomain or screenshots?

Hey @thesergie! I told you my english is not so great rs. I attached an image that explain a looot better what i try ti explain.


Check if:

  • Link block has padding set on it
  • Link block has a width set on it
  • Image has margin set on it

If any of those are the case then clear those properties.


I dont have any class in the link block. The image has a 5px margin, but the link block has a larger margin than that.

another way to change this?

ps: i tryied to fix this creating a class to the link block, but doesnt work.

Hmm, maybe your image has that white space in it. What’s the subdomain of your site? It will be easier to see what’s going on.

Hello Sergie!

My domain is

I made the images in photoshop, and sized down in the css.


Seems to look fine now! Did you fix it?

Still not working Sergie!!! What can i do?

I tryied to delete and put there again, but still not working.


Felipe, this is what I see on my end:

I made a class to the link block and used 31% width to kill the extra space, in the mobile view. Now works…the Tradicional way doesnt!!!

But thanks a lot!

Webflow Rocks!