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Link Block Scroll - Custom Area

Hi there Webflow crew,

I wanted to create this nice effect where, when you click on the link block in my hero area - it will scroll down to a ‘section’ which I have assigned the ID to.

Though the problem is, I want the header to re-appear at a certain area after it has disappeared (there is a tutorial on this), and I need the scroll to be customised a little bit, so it doesn’t go directly to where the section is, but a handful of pixels higher (the height of my nav to be exact). Is there anyway to fix this? Because the options on the designer only allow me to choose which section to drop down too, hope this makes sense.


This tutorial will show you how to get something to appear upon scroll:

If you want the scroll down to land a few pixels higher, you can create a “blank div” above the section you want. Set height to let’s say 20 px and width to 0 px. Then you label that as the section you want the scroll to go down to.

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Thanks for the response!

I’ll try do that now and get back to you.


Also, no need for the blank div anymore ( @angela )… if you give your your navbar a class of “header” or put it directly under the body, webflow will automatically take into account placing the header above the start of the actual section you want to scroll to :smiley:

Hey @angela, all worked fine and dandy - thank you for that.

Though @jaidenraleach, this worked like a charm, thanks for letting me know.


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Awesome, you bet. Glad it all worked out for ya!

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