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Link Block issue

Hello, inside a grid I drag a link block in a link block I drag an image but when I publish the hand is on the link block not on the image?

Hey @Steve_Kundert, please can you post a read-only link to your project so we can better assist you.

You can go at the end of the page on the contact the letter image do that and every image when I drag the link block on.

Hey @Steve_Kundert, can I ask why you are using grid for this particular instance?

Since your footer is entirely along 1 dimension (stacked vertically), you’d be better off using flexbox. Grid is more suited to designs that require 2 dimensions (vertical and horizontal).

Here is a good page/video from Webflow themselves on the difference between grid and flexbox, and when to use each one -

In terms of your link block issue, you haven’t actually placed your images inside of any link blocks, they are in separate grid areas -

Screenshot 2020-09-08 at 1.57.23 pm

Thank you very much I will try this and I let you know if works good.

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It works thank you very much

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You’re very welcome @Steve_Kundert! I’m glad you managed to get it working :smiley:

Please can you mark the relevant post as the solution, so people can see your problem has been solved.