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Link block disappears when linked to a collection item page

Hi all,

I have a collection page with “cards” which are supposed to redirect to the collection items. Each card gives an image + title + other small elements. When you click on one card, you’re supposed to see a tutorial (=collection item).
However, when I add a “link block” (for the title + image) and select the “current item” => the entire block disappears in FO (however, I can still see it in the Designer). It’s like something is overwriting it for some reason…
Just to mention: it works well when I select a random page of the website instead of the “current collection item”.

I’ve tried lots of things to figure this out but I cannot find where the problem comes from. I have other collection pages and the link blocks there work perfectly (yes, I tried to affect the same class but still did not work for this particular collection ^^).

Anyone has any idea? I have spent 5 hours on this :cry:

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is what it looks like in FO: Bibliothèque de tutos

It was due to Memberstack which was set on “hide buttons & links”
I hope this will help someone else!