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Link block and div blocks but i want clickable CARDS

Hi there

How can i make a card clickable, div blocks cannot be added INTO a link block but then my div block isnt clickable?

How do i solve this?!

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hey man,

The elements of the card:
Div Block - For the whole card
Link Block - For the part above the two links (ARTICLES, TOOLS)
Div Block - For the two links (ARTICLES, TOOLS)

You can’t put links inside a link block, so that’s why I came up with this solution.
And put classes on the elements you use.

hmmm so what about this…scroll down to the banana…

It’s not actually a link. Just the hover state is set to scale and there is a transition.

So basically you can’t have a larger click area?

You can, by using link block, but you cant use links inside of it.

Lol so u can’t have a clickable card??

Links are the clickable text elements. But you can make the whole card clickable by using link blocks. Use the structure I provided in my first reply and go through some of the tutorials on webflow.