Link an Ecommerce Product/Variant to a Collection Item?

Hello all,

I have what might be an interesting challenge or may be something simple I’m overlooking. Hoping someone can help.

I have a site with a collection of multiple musicians, including a bio and a profile pic that appears in a pop-up modal.
On the same site (which is for an annual Jazz party/concert), I have Ecommerce products like tickets to the event, and a ‘Musician Sponsorship Ticket’ which allows attendee to ‘sponsor’ a musician and receive attendance benefits. While the Sponsorship Ticket is one product (at a flat sponsor rate), it has individual variants for each musicians so customers can select which musician they want to sponsor.

On a page where I’m using the collection item of the musicians to display all them, I’d like to include a ‘Buy Now’ button that allows people viewing and reading the bio of a musician (from the standard collection) to easily sponsor that musician (linking/associating that musicians name to the E-commerce collection of the sponsor ticket with the variant of that musicians name). But having the hardest time trying to figure out how to make that work.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I don’t think the reference/multi-reference field would work, and converting the musician Collection list to individual products (with bios and photos) seems like it wouldn’t work either…but I may be missing something.

Thanks in advance for anyone who kicks off some ideas.

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Hi @gs3.
Josh with Foxy here. With our seamless Webflow integration, you can manage products and options 100% with Webflow CMS, which means you can link and reference data as needed. More info here:

Feel free to email us ( and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction.