Link , after clicking 3rd time it's not working

after clicking the nav link (get in touch ) the open and close happens as i want in 1st and 2nd click , but when i click the same link 3rd time it’s not working the white bg i given to parent it;s poping but the content inside it doesn’t poping or able to see , so i change the interaction then it’s working but not the same as i want .

take a look at it hope you people are able to solve the problem
and have a good day
here’s my read only link

Hey @Atharv, are you asking for help with this issue? If so, please move your post into the appropriate help section on the forum, and not in the Community Resources/Webflow Tips section.

yep , done .
can you help me with this ??

Hey @Atharv, I managed to find the cause of the issue.

In your ‘menu-out’ interaction, you are moving the .inner-menu-block down 100vh for some reason (see screenshot below) -

If you delete this move animation, then it works perfectly :smiley:

I hope this helps!

thanks , it’s works . but can you explain me what that 100 vh causing the issue ?

Hey @Atharv, I’m glad you got it working! Please can you mark my answer as the solution so people know your problem has been solved. Thank you.

In terms of why the 100vh was causing the issue… I can’t remember your layout structure exactly. But if you move something down 100vh, and leave it there, it’s not going to be visible when you try to open the menu again.

You would need to add a -100vh animation to the menu-open animation to bring the element back into view. I hope this helps!