Lingering interactions

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Thanks for posting this @thewonglv are you running into it on the live site after publishing?

After removing the interaction, saving the site and refreshing the designer is it still present?

Yes, the data-ix attribute shows up in published site (

The interaction has been deleted from webflow for 3-4 months now.

Hope that helps!

Hi @thewonglv, how are you doing buddy :slight_smile: That helps indeed.

I was taking a look, and that is strange behavior for sure. I was able to clear that interaction, by first assigning a different interaction to the dyn item, it can be any other existing interaction, and then saving the site (I also published at this point).

Then I set the interaction back to none, saved and published and the interaction was removed:

As to the reason why the interaction was lingering like that, i.e. showing that it was set to “None” in the interactions panel but not updated in the published site, I am not sure, but looks like the interaction/element needed to be reset there…

Let me know if the steps resolve the issue, I will be here to help.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a great one. lol

Thanks Dave!! i shouldve known to try something like that! [i’m a little rusty!]

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