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Lines/gaps remain after removing CSS Grid columns or rows

Hi All,
While using CSS Grid, when I remove columns and rows there is a weird leftover line for each removed row or column that takes up space inside the container where the grid sits. It’s as if the columns and rows are removed, but not really deleted…or as if the gaps are still there after the columns and rows are removed. I’ve shared my home page, and included a screenshot to show the leftover dotted lines at the lower right corner in grid edit mode. If I’m missing something here, help sort me out! Cheers

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I have seen the same problem

hi @matt.bryant, I believe I know what the issue is. It looks like your “Made by Electric Heron” exists in a non-existent track.

Right now, your grid had 3 columns and 6 rows, but that footer text is located on the 11th row and spans across 5 columns. If you update those numbers to 1/3/7/7, all those empty rows and columns will disappear.


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@Lindapham That was it! Thanks for figuring that out. Good to know that you can inadvertently end up with items on nonexistent parts of a grid. Cheers

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