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Line break width in rich text


I’m working on my portfolio site and i have this group project in which i need to add my team members. i would like to add this using rich text and list the team members with line breaks.
The problem is that the line breaks in between team members’ names is too wide. How can i reduce the size?

Thank you for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Could you let us know what page you want to do this on? I’m not seeing a page with different team members. I did see a team members CMS template but no page where you’re referencing the collection?

More flexible choice would be to use list items within your rich text field. If you apply a class to the rich text field/element, you can then style these list items as you see fit.

It’s in the project called ‘freedo’ and ‘radical farmers’.

is this possible for a rich text for the contents from collection as well? could you please elabroate? thank you!

I suggest you take a look at working with collections in the Webflow University.

There is also detailed content on working with components like rich text, as well.