Limits of multi-referenced items on the back end

Hey there,
We’re building a large site where there will be thousands of CMS items and many will need to be referenced between then. In the documentation about CMS limitations, there was no mention of referenced items limitations. And I’m not referring to the display limitation of 5 items, I mean on the back. Simple example: The collection Restaurants of New York City might have 3000 referenced restaurants, and 3000 referenced zip codes. Does that create an issue for Webflow? Thank you!

I’ve not tested this, but I recall seeing a discussion in the forum that touched on this.

If I recall correctly there isn’t a direct limit but there is a limit on the total size of the JSON in a create/update submission. So while there is no identified direct restriction on references, at some point the API calls would fail.

If you really want to use the CMS in this way, my suggestion is, test it. Create your largest planned situation, and double it see if you can break the update.

More importantly though, the CMS isn’t designed as a relational db. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the designer crashed just trying to display 3000 referenced items in a single field. It’s a risky approach for a serious system build.

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