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Limited api versus full api on Business plan?

Business hosting has full api access as opposed to CMS hosting having only limited. I have not found any information detailing the differences in detail. Does anyone know? Thanks


Hey @HammerOz Have you found any information regarding this?

Nope, I’ll ask support and post

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@HammerOz Did the support guys provide any info?

I’m on CMS plan here and would like to know the difference too; e.g. what is the API rate limit on Business?

Could the limitation of the CMS API be related to the issues I’m facing with the API Rate Limit inconsistency ?

@HammerOz thanks for asking at support.

With the limited CMS API it is has a rate limit of up to 45 requests per minute, whereas the Full CMS API allows up to 60 requests per a minute.

For more information about the current implementation of the API please see

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I’m on CMS Hosting plan (hence limited API access) but the response from the server states a limit of 60 requests and a depleting of “remaining” count starting from 60, not 45 requests. See details here: API Rate Limit inconsistency

There’s a mismatch between what Webflow support and documentation is claiming and what is actually being delivered by the service which I find extremely troublesome. :confused:

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@fbcto has a good point.