Limit on the number of items on your project

Hi, could anybody explain what is max number of items on one project?

"You have reached a limit on the number of items on your project. Upgrade your site subscription to create more items."

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Hi @thewonglv Thanks for moving me to this thread, but this doesn’t apply to me, i don’t want to know what the max amount of items are - i should NOT have any. I have upgraded my subscription, and there is a bug that doesn’t allow the limit to be removed.

This bug hasn’t been fixed for a week now. And as i get increasingly desperate, i will have to look at moving across to another CMS & hosting, (which means re-doing a lot of work) as i need to give my company a due date for the new website.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this further,


Has anyone else had this problem?

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