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Limit of Dynamic list bug

Hi, we want show in our homepage a list of all our clients. They are 137. We are trying to get around the limit of 100 items for the dynamic list. Our idea was to create two dynamic list with two different limit start.
The first one with limit of 1-100 and the second one with 101-200.

We have two problem with that:

1 - the ‘limit to’ value it’s always fixed on 100 even if we change the start value with 101
2 - the second list it’s totally random with a strange alphabetical order.

we have found this conversation of 2015 on this forum:

we have the exact problem but we can’t solve this by changing initial letter…

Can you help us?

Here is our public share link:

here the live url:

Thank you

Hello @studiolettergram

This value is only to show 100 items on the collection list, if you type type 101 at the start at you’ll get the next 100 items after the first 100. So for example if you type 201 as start at value you’ll see that nothing appears because in your case you only 137 clients.

And this is caused because you have set the ‘sort order’ as project description:

Change it to ‘name’ and you’re good to go:

Hope this helps.

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