Like or Tweet to Unlock Content

I want to mimic what I see here:

Where users can give me a facebook like or follow me on twitter to unlock content. Anything I can do about that? Even if it’s hacky?

Hey @AxureThemes I know that you can use a “Pay with a Tweet” but not sure if you can Follow or Like gate content anymore. I believe that both Facebook & Twitter changed their policies to where you can’t do this any longer.

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Yeah, I’m actually using a Pay with a Tweet button right now. I don’t like it though. Requires users to jump through a few annoying hoops. And you can’t even track how many people have used it without upgrading to their Business package (which doesn’t even have a price.)

I find that company’s practices incredibly annoying.

Are you asking how to implement this on your page/site?

Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for.

Hey @AxureThemes here you go (cloneable project), :smile:
All you have to do is replace links with your links, and I added in a quick simple line of JS to open a new window to replace the current window. :slight_smile: Made sure to keep it Webflow oriented though :wink: haha. #WebflowFTW

@bartekkustra and @callmevlad may have some additional insight as well to make it better.


I see what you did there. Good stuff. I’ll look into this. Much appreciated!

Literally just updated it haha, take a look again @AxureThemes
My pleasure to help! :smiley:

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