Lightboxes linking in the wrong order


I’m having trouble linking up my lightboxes. I want the images in the modal to run in the same order as the images appear on the grid (left -> right, top -> bottom). But when I link all of the lightboxes up the images in the modal are jumbled up.

I guess it’s intuitive to imagine that webflow doesn’t understand which order the modals should appear, as there is no way to instruct it. I suspect that it runs off the image name since they are numbered 1-18. Although I hope I’m wrong otherwise I’ll have to rename & upload them all again.

Does anybody have any suggestions of why this happens or how I can instruct webflow to display the images in the order I want?


Here is my sharing link:

I found a solution to my own problem! :grin:

Incase anybody else has this problem:

My modals were linking in the order that they are listed in the Navigator - Switched them around and the top lightbox images show first!

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