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Lightboxes expanding outside section

I am very new to webflow, having an awesome time so far! My issue is if you look at section two “videos”, the videos are expanding past the “section” box. It happens when you stretch the website a ton. Try stretching the website out ( and you’ll see it! If anyone has any idea how to fix this and keep the images within the confines of the section that would be much appreciated!

My second question comes with mobile viewing, I want the mobile view to be in columns of two not one long column. Three makes the images way too small, I’d like the images to run along side each other and the final image to sit on the end.

Let me know if anyone knows a solution to these!

Thank you so much,

Here is my public share link:

To clarify my second point, so to go from a 3x3 grid for desktop/tablet to a 2x4+1 for mobile

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