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Lightbox with YouTube (HTML5)

There seems to be an issue with YouTube with HTML5 when playing video back with the new LightBox widget.

Safari defaults to Flash player for YouTube videos. And in Chrome, it uses HTML5. While the video plays fine in Chrome/Safari, I am unable to change the video settings of the video. The settings menu keeps flickering on and off and I am unable to select anything. Likewise for right-clicking on the video.

Tried playing back in Incognito Mode with no plug-ins, issue is still present.

Running Mac 10.8.5. Chrome 36.

EDIT: Additionally, when scrolling on touch devices (at least for iPhones), if a user were to scroll a page with the Lightbox and when the touch point is on the Lightbox (not tapping but dragging), the Lightbox will still be activated. Hampering usability of site. This issue is preventing me from fully implementing LIghtbox.

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I’m having the same scrolling issue… On ipad & iphone its very difficult to scroll a page without opening the lightbox images. Also when videos are opened in lightbox, it occasionally takes multiple taps (ipad) to get the X to appear so I can close it.
Overall I love the lightbox! Thanks!!!

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