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Lightbox widget to work with collection product list?

Hi all,

I am trying to setup my product page which shows about up to a max of 6 product image shots.

Is there a current solution to make the Lightbox work and call from your collection product list easily? Right now, Lightbox gallery does not and you’ll have to manually add individual product images manually to setup your product pages.

To make Lightbox work with your product collection list would be an extermely important feature.


I have entered this into the Wishlist request backlog:

Please vote to make this feature happen faster.


Nevermind I just discovered this is already high on their priority list! I’m excited to get this available. But guys do continue to vote for this it’s a basic fundamental element of e-commerce product pages and it was not rolled out in the release. Any updates to this also would be appreciated.

I hope webflow will add specific gallery widget for the E commerce (One thumbnail and slider above other sites - for example openCart).

Build in slider for all products could be a great time saver.

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I totally agree! They need this simple integration feature for alternative product shots.