Lightbox Variable size grid collection

Hi Guys,

I’m having issues creating my projects template. I really want to create the following layout with a collection list but i’m having issues on how to create it:

On my frontpage i succeded by creating multiple collection lists, but on the subpage i would like the multi-image field to look like this, so a person can press on the image and it expands into full screen view.

So far the only way i’ve managed to create the look is by putting everything into a rich text field and styling it be left, right and center aligning it. This is okay, but not really what i was going for in terms of expanding it and having easings on every image while scrolling.

I’ve attached a read only link where both the rich media text is styling is and the collection grid is.

Any recommendations on how to solve this?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Add more screenshots - hard to understand like this the result you want (The audi image should be clickable?)
Looks like a slider

If you press on the screenshot the image is much longer. All the grey boxes on the image are the way i want to show images from a collection list, but i have no clue on how to set a collection list so diverse.

Basically what i want is to have every project contain around 25 images listed down where they are different sizes, some are aligned right, some centered and some aligned left. I also want to be able to click the images so they can be viewed in a larger scale, like lightbox.

So far i have only seen the possibility to either:

  1. Create a collection list multimedia lightbox where they are all the same size and aligned the same way.
  2. Have the look i kind of want by putting the images into a rich text media, and aligning them different, but then not having the possibility to click them.

Is there a simple way to create a more complex look on 01? If i style one image, i style them all.

This is the kind of “grid” i want:

This is what i created with collection list - lightbox - multimedia:

And this is what i created with rich text media:


Sorry for asking again, but do you know anything i can do? I’m really hoping to get some help, since i’m having a hard time continuing without being able to use the “multiple image”.