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Lightbox thumbnails don't scroll

I created a lightbox with lots of photos. It works fine except that the thumbnail photos don’t scroll as the user scolls to a new main photo which is beyond the number of thumbnail photos that can fit across the bottom of the page. Is that a feature or a bug or am I missing something? In most lightboxes I have seen, the thumbnails scroll so that the current thumbnail is always in the middle of the page and is often highlighted with a border. It would be nice if Webflow’s lightbox could do the same. Thanks in advance for any help.

Can you please share your Public Share Link with us? Thanks! :grinning:

Hi, Vlad,

Many thanks for your offer, but because of privacy issues our
client will not allow us to share the link. However, the lightbox is a
relatively simple element and we have used it often throughout the website. In
every case, the behavior is the same: After a certain number of photos (the
number depends on the size of the display), the thumbnails disappear off the
right side of the display, and when using the slider to view the photos, once
the maximum number of thumbnails is reached, the thumbnails do not scroll to
the left to reveal the thumbnail that corresponds to the photo in the slider.
Can you confirm that the behavior you see/experience is different than that? If so,
I will try to find a way to send you an example of my problem without sharing
the public link.


– Bill

The same happens to me: the thumbnail of the active picture is not scrolled into the windows automatically.
To scroll the thumbnails you need to do an horizontal scroll.

Here you can verify it:

Hope someone can help, thanks in advance

The thumbs horizontal scrollbar is hidden below the window bottom, if the user scrolls down he can use it, but then the lightbox closes.

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