Lightbox showing picture in every page. how to limit the view on one page

Hello everyone.
As you can see from the screenshot, i have a i light box linked in every page. When i add pictures to the gallery it will show them on all the pages in every lightbox. I want the lightbox gallery to show the pictures only on one page and not all of them. How can i set it to not repeat on every page?

I hope i was clear enough, thanks in advance.

Without seeing a ‘read-only’ file it looks to me like a need for some combo classes.

There are a ton of resources here, you’ll really need to learn how the CMS, Collection Page templates and Collection Lists work. Most of your questions seem centered around understanding how to use them.

There are some excellent tutorials as well that walk you through how to build a basic blog step-by-step so you can learn how each piece works and where the controls are configured.

Hello Michael, thanks a lot for your suggestions again!
yes my questions are always around the understanding of cms. which i more or less understand now. I’ve watched every single video you suggested me above, but this specific question on how to set individual lightbox still is unsolved to me.
i’m sharing the tamplate i got, and hopefully someone can read into it and help me out: Webflow - Manfredi's Fresh Site