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Lightbox Scrollbar jumps to the beginning

Yuhu, i have a problem :partying_face:

The scrollbar is jumping to the beginning when i click on a image :cold_face:
What can i do??

Here is a video of my problem -----> click me


Hi, @Marcel_Steeb! My name is Ben and I’m happy to help you with this issue!

Strong work on this site, btw! It looks good. :muscle:

I did some investigating on this and it looks like you are using custom code to get the Lightbox working in your Collection List.

Unfortunately, since this isn’t the native Webflow Lightbox element and custom code is being used this doesn’t fall under the bug category.

I’m recategorizing this Custom Code and I know our awesome community will step in and be able to provide some help!

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nobody has an idea ?

hi @rileyrichter

this in not correct … i build it now with a standard lightbox and i have the same problem

Hi, @Marcel_Steeb! So sorry for the delay. It looks like it is working properly now. What ended up causing the issue?

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